Real Estate Plastic Stands and Frames

Standard Plastic Sign Frame

Real Estate Step Plastic Sign Frames Injection molded frames look like the popular “Banjo” frames. High density plastic sign frames are reinforced with fiberglass and manufactured with a minimum of 90% recycled materials. Plastic is colored throughout and is available in black only. Signs slide in from the top. Size is 39.5 inches tall and 25 inches wide.

Benefits of Plastic Sign Frames

No oily residue or chipped paint inviting a rusty handshake, but the real bonus — NO FASTENERS REQUIRED! Our realtor-style sign frames accept either metal or corrugated plastic 18″ x 24″ substrates that simply slip into place — no sharp edges or screw heads sticking out. At slightly over 2 pounds, the light weight sign frame makes for effortless portability. The integral foot stirrup makes setup easy — simply rock it side to side slightly while pushing down with your foot! Made from near 100% recycled fiberglass reinforced high-density plastic, the lightweight construction makes our sign frames extremely economical to ship. Includes a FREE Spider-Rider that clips right onto the top or side of the frame, allowing you to add a corrugated rider sign quick and easy

These plastic frames are a great alternative to steel frames – lighter in weight and cheaper to ship! Minimum order is 5 frames and shipped in multiples of 5 or 25.

Sign Riders Screw bosses above and below accommodate top and bottom riders.

Real Estate Step Plastic Sign Frames with Rider Sign Attached
Frame shown with rider sign attached

Shipping Savings. Compared to other similar products, this plastic sign stand will save you money. The weight is about 30% of that of the similar steel product. These frames are lightweight compared to a metal frame and the size allows them to meet the UPS specifications without the oversize charges. Contact us for free shipping quote. The savings on shipping and the low cost of this sign stand makes the cost about 1/2 of the alternatives.

Plastic Sign Frames

Price per Each

Quantity 5 25 50 100 200 250
Black, price each $11.95 $9.95 $8.95 $8.35 Call Call

See our User Guide for a simple to follow instruction sheet on installing your corrugated plastic signs on our Plastic Sign Stands and Stakes

Plastic Sign Stakes

A wonderful alternative to “H” wire stands, these plastic sign stands are made from high density plastic, reinforced with fiberglass and manufactured with a minimum of 90% recycled materials. These stakes are designed to flex under wind load. Plastic Stakes have a simple, arched design incorporating a step for ease of installation. These plastic sign stands will not rust, have no sharp edges and do not have any oil which can be found on H wires. Plastic stakes are a “green” alternative to conventional steel wire stakes and cost less to ship. Available in black only. Minimum order is 50 stakes and shipped in multiples of 50. Durable and will last for years.

Plastic Sign Stakes

Price per Stake

Quantity 50 150 450 1000
Black, price each $1.92 $1.33 $1.03 $0.89

Open Top Sign Frames

A new option to display your signs – an Open Top Frame. Intended to accommodate those eye-catching die-cut dimensional creations, the open-top design has all the same advantages found in each and every one of our products. This Open Top Frame doesn’t need fasteners and is made of 100% recycled structural plastic and absolutely offers a multitude of unique possibilities for high impact attention. Available in black only.

Open Top Plastic Sign Frames

Price per Frame

Quantity 5 25 50 75 100
Open Top Frame
Black only
$21.72 $18.10 $14.48 $10.86 $10.14

Other Sign Frame Products

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Window Clip Sign Holders

These Window Clip Sign Holders are designed for easily sliding onto most any car or truck window. Car dealer’s love this high-impact tool because they’re inexpensive especially when comparing the cost to a plastic tent or canopy. Whether parked in the street or in a driveway, real estate agents use them on their car to draw attention to the open house they’re hosting. These are just a few examples of how you can market to your customers with our innovative products. Use your imagination, it works! Window Clips are lightweight and durable, and made to use over and over again. To assemble, you simply insert the prongs into the core of a pre-printed corrugated plastic sign.

Dealer Window Clip Sign Holders

Quantity 30 60 90 150
Window Clip Sign Holder
Available in Black Only
4.30 4.00 3.50 3.30

View of how Window Clip Sign Holders work:

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