Metal and Tough Plastic Stakes

Stakes Made of Metal or Tough Plastic

We offer many different styles of sign posts and stakes. Please note:

PRICES CHANGE due to Steel fluctuations. CALL EVERY DAY

Real Estate Steel Stakes



Two options for the same great T bar stake: 42″ tall with either a 10″ cross bar or an 18″ cross bar. Made with 3/4″ angle iron construction. Three holes on vertical and two holes on 3/4″ flat top bar for sign mounting. The “T” bar stakes is one of the most popular stakes in the market today. We use 3/4″ angle for the shaft and foot push. The strap at the top is 1/8″ x 3/4″ flat strip, 18″ long. The foot-push is welded, and the T strap is welded on to the shaft (no flimsy rivets). The shaft has a series of slots that run the length of the shaft to accommodate many panel sizes. Black powder coat finish.

Order in multiples of 5 pieces.


Currently out of stock.

Wishbone Sign Stake
The “Wishbone” stake is unique in that the stake will accommodate almost any panel size. The shaft is made from two 3/8″ rod bars running parallel to each other. Simply bolt your panel to the top strap and then run your nut/bolt between the bars/sign panel and tighten – no holes to try and match up with!

These stakes are made from 3/8″ round rod with a 3/4″ wide steel strap welded to the top. The top strap is 17.5″ long.

42″ tall. Shipped in quantities of 12 for Wishbone Stakes.
Also have 48″ tall.


Angle Sign Stake
The workhorse of the sign industry, these angle stakes a staple for any sign store. These stakes are made from strong 3/4″ angle with a double welded foot-push. There is a series of slots punched into the shaft for panel attachment.


Security Stakes

These substantial aluminum security stakes are constructed from 1/2″ U-Channel and are angle cut to a point to allow hammering into lawns.

Each stake comes with a soft rubber black cap to easily cover the top end, after installation.

Minimum order is 50 stakes.

Please note: 36″ stakes are custom made.

These are ideal for security firms or anywhere you need a small sign to put around the house or building.

PRICES CHANGE due to Steel Fluctuations. CALL EVERY DAY to confirm.

This has been a challenging year and changes in the material markets have resulted in unprecedented rapidly rising costs. The cost of plastics, natural gas, oil, and steel have all increased from 50% to 150% over the few months.

Plastic resin pricing continues to rise due to material shortages resulting from the:

We understand that this is unwelcome news, and we look forward to removing the surcharge when raw material costs decrease and stabilize.

Real Estate Steel Stakes * Made in America
Quantity – Cost per Each
T-Bar Stake 42 Inches with 10″ Cross Bar* (minimum order is 10, absolute minimum is 5 @ $22.00 each) MC 221 $12.25
T-Bar Stake 42 Inches with 18″ Cross Bar* (minimum order is 10, absolute minimum is 5 @ $22.93 each) MC 221 $12.93
Wishbone Stake 42 Inches* – Custom Order; please call   CALL
Wishbone Stake 48 Inches* – Custom Order; please call   CALL
Angle Stake 3.8 Foot* (minimum order is 10, absolute minimum is 5 @ $17.50 each) BU 221 $14.50
Security Stake 24 Inch* (MINIMUM order: 50 stakes) MC 221 $2.70
Security Stake 30 Inch* (MINIMUM order: 50 stakes) MC 221 $3.30
Security Stake 36 Inch* (MINIMUM order: 50 stakes) CUSTOM ORDER MC 221 $3.75
Heavy Duty Realtor Steel Stake* (MINIMUM order: 10 stakes) MC 221 $11.15
Plastic Tough-Stakes (MINIMUM order: 10 stakes) PC 31721 $16.34
*Steel is American and products made in America. Security stakes are made of aluminum.

Note: Due to higher energy costs, there is a $10 drop off charge per shipment from the freight company in addition to the normal freight charges.

Cost per each. Order in multiples shown. Call for bulk.
Wishbone Stakes – Custom Order; please call.
Plastic Tough-Stakes shipped in multiples of 10.
Call for larger quantity discounts, we will cut you a deal.
Call us on a slow day, we will give discounts to get you motivated to get your check book out.

Heavy Duty Steel Sign Stakes

Plastic Real Estate Sign Post

Heavy Duty Realtor Steel Sign Post and Stake
Heavy Duty Realtor Steel Stake $11.15 each
33 inches tall, made from heavy duty 3/4 angle iron.
Minimum order: 10 stakes


Tough Plastic Real Estate Sign Post
Plastic Tough-Stakes, shown with mounting holes


Plastic Wing Nuts

Plastic Wing Nut
Plastic Wing Nut: 49 cents each