Real Estate Heavy Duty Commercial Sign Frames

Steel Real Estate Frames

We offer many Steel Real Estate Frames for signs available in many styles to display your real estate signs the way you want.

Note this page features the more economical “Bolt In” style of Steel Frames. For “Slide In” style see Menu at bottom of this page.

Please Note: PRICES CHANGE EVERY DAY due to tariff issue. We may be out of steel with a long wait to manufacture. CALL EVERY DAY

Heavy Duty Real Estate Frames – Commercial Quality

Rocky Soil? Frozen Ground? No Problem!

The Heavy Duty Style of steel frame is made to be beaten and abused! This is our commercial unit designed for years of service. The frame is made from 3/4″ angle iron, with offset tops for use with a mallet. We double weld the cross members to ensure a sturdy product.

The frame is readily convertible into many sizes and custom configurations.

18" x 24" Heavy Duty Frame 24" x 36" Heavy Duty Frame Features of Heavy Duty Sign Frames

Slide-In / Bolt-In Combination Frame Style Detail Slide-In Only Frame Style Detail Bolt-In Only Frame Style Detail


For Slide in Frames, if you have high winds (or possibly signs not squared). Some customers just want the extra protection but we have not received any complaints.

Black, White or Gray

Other Heavy Duty Sizes. See below. Call for Quote.

These frames are our heavy-duty commercial frames. They are manufactured from 3/4″ angle iron. All panels bolt-in securely to the frame.

The Rider version accommodates the main panel size along with a 6″ sign rider section below.

Pictures above denotes the offset aspect of the top corners.

The unique aspect of the Commercial style is that the top corners are offset so that they can be driven in the ground with a mallet. This offset feature reduces the risk of damaging the frame and sign. This feature is also ideal for rocky or hard soil where force is needed for ground insertion.

The Commercial Style, Heavy Duty, is one of our most popular versions, it can be configured into many panel sizes and configurations.

If you have high winds (or possibly signs not squared):

Plastic Frame Clips Metal Frame Clips Instructions for Installing Frame Clips
Plastic Frame Clips
High Strength Molded Plastic
For 3/4″ x 3/4″ x 1/8″ Angle Iron Frames
Metal Frame Clips
For 3/4″ x 3/4″ x 1/8″ Angle Iron Frames

Heavy Duty Real Estate Sign Frames Pricing

Heavy Duty Sign Frames
Frame Size 5 10 25 50
18″ h x 24″ w, 42″ tall $23.50 each Call $17.00 each $16.00 each
24″ h x 18″ w, 46″ tall $28.85 each $27.85 each Call Call
24″ h x 24″ w, 46 ” tall $34.10 each Call $33.10 each Call
Other Sizes with Bottom Riders: – call or email

  • 18″ h x 30″ w, 42″ tall
  • 12″ h x 18″ w, 42″ tall
  • 24″ h x 30″ w, 46″ tall
  • 30″ h x 24″ w, 46″ tall
Call or Email
Other Sizes with Top and Bottom Rider: – call or email

  • 18″ h x 24″ w, 44″ tall
  • 18″ h x 30″ w, 44″ tall
  • 24″ h x 18″ w, 46″ tall
  • 24″ h x 24″ w, 46″ tall
  • 30″ h x 24″ w, 56.6″ tall
Call or Email
50 100 200 500
Plastic and Metal Frame Clips $0.60 each $0.54 each $0.50 each $0.42 each
321 / BU

Note: Turn Around Time is normally a few days. Call for Large Quantity Discounts.