Use Round Rod Frames – Bolt In or Drop In

Use Round Rod Frames – Bolt In or Drop In

The Traditional Round Rod Frame for Real Estate Signs

Classic round rod “Banjo” frames are one of the more popular styles on the market today. They are stylish and affordable.

Bolt-In Frame is 1/2″ round rod material and the Drop-In Frame is solid 3/8″ Round Rod material and has 3/4″ wide flat strip crossbars.

The legs are mitered for easy ground insertion. These are rugged and dependable frames that are both cost effective and durable.

45″ Tall Frame (fits signs 18H x 24W) Bolt In
42″ Tall Frame (fits signs 18H x 24W) Drop In 3/8″
44.5″ Tall Frame (fits signs 24H x 18W) Drop In 1/2″

18" x 24" Drop-In Round Rod Frames 24" x 18" Drop-In Round Rod Frame Closeup of Round Rod Drop-In Frame

All metal real estate sign frames include a powder coated finish available in black, white or gray to enhance appearance and provide durability. Sign frames can be used to display real estate signs, open house signs, contractor signs, event signs and more. No matter if you are installing metal or plastic sign panels, these sign frames provide the sign panel support functionality necessary to display signs in every condition.

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