Plastic T Posts

Plastic Tough-Stakes

Tough plastic sign posts made from engineering grade polyethylene with UV additives to create a strong, durable and non-fading plastic sign stand. Installation using the foot steps provide a strong and sturdy place to step and drive the stakes into the ground using a sledge hammer without bending or breaking the frame. Lite weight.

Plastic Sign Posts

Plastic Sign Posts Real estate plastic sign post

Real estate plastic sign post displaying a sign

Quantity 10 or more
Plastic Tough-Stakes $16.34

Outside Dimensions: 42”H x 17”W
Weight: 1.8 lbs

Note: Due to higher energy costs, there is a $10 drop off charge per shipment from the freight company in addition to the normal freight charges. Freight can be reduced by having a combination order of sign frames and the sign stands on this page.

We also carry Metal and Tough Plastic Stakes.