Frames and Wire Stands

Frames/Wire Stands

Real Estate Wire Frame Economy Wire Frames, 1/4 Steel

Heavy Duty Economy and Political Wire Stands

Frames/Wire Stands Quantity 50 100 250
“Economy” – Best Value (Preferred by Realtors) Qty 50 or More, See Diagram Above, Heavy 1/4 steel base. Call for smaller quantity pricing. 4.15 4.00 3.50
50 is the normal minimum order.
VM/ST/BU 321

Real Estate Wire Frames

Political candidates typically use “Political” wire stands in large volumes as you see in your local area. These are for displaying a temporary sign not commonly used by Realtors. Minimum order is 50. This is the standard political wire stand found every where. See our “Political” wire frames here.

Realtors prefer the “Economy” real estate frame. The base is thick, heavy 1/4 inch gauge steel rods that resist bending and very durable. The upper portion is standard 9 gauge steel to handle the standard coroplastic signs and is 10 inches wide and 30 inches tall. The base is made from a thicker steel 1/4 inch. See diagram above. The base wire frame is about twice the size of the wire frame of a standard political wire stand that are in your neighborhood. Very sturdy and strong. Resistant to heavy winds. See diagram above.

The “Economy” version is our high volume best selling steel frame for realtors. They will endure for months and will not bend under heavy winds. Minimum order is 50. Highly Recommended. Good quality best value, and our best seller.