Poly Bag Signs

We cannot change our prices fast enough to keep up with the changing material costs.

Since this time last year, the raw material prices for the poly material and frames have increased almost 54% and about 33% since our last increase in March. We have had a raw material increase every month since May.

(YES, we miss “him” !)

Please email or call for current pricing.

These plastic yard signs, called poly bag or polybag signs, use a weatherproof, no-show through material in two different sizes. Printed on both sides, these polybag signs come with steel frames included. Our poly bag yard signs are made from tough thick sun-blocking film known as high density polyethylene. The finished signs are a co-extruded multi-layer polyethylene containing ethylene to make it stronger and extend the life of the sign. Our customers will tell you that our plastic signage easily outlast the cheap quality of the competition.
Plastic Polybag Yard Sign

Poly-bag plastic signs are economical in quantities of 1000 or more.

For lower quantities of 100 to 1,500, we recommend that you consider signs made from corrugated coroplastic Wholesale Yard Signs or Polycoat Cardboard Yard Sign material. The polybag signs are too expensive to set up to buy in small quantities due to larger set up costs.

At quantities of 2,000 and more the plastic poly bag signs have a major cost advantage savings. The larger the quantity the cheaper they are and in large quantities the polybag signs are much cheaper to buy in comparison to other signs.

We can beat anybody's prices. The larger the quantity the more you can save. Call us and see. On other Poly Bag printers, please search for "reviews" by their name.

A $25 artwork is due before artwork will be set up. Allow a 2 week turnaround but deep into campaign season 3-4 week total turnaround time. Shipping will be based on actual costs.

Let us make your plastic yard sign! Best prices on cheap poly bag signs. To order, e-mail us at HeritageSignsLady or call us at 321-253-0424. Pay your artwork fee by credit card to start work today.

Plastic Yard Sign – Polybag Signs – Discount Pricing

We have worked diligently to streamline and eliminate waste in our polybag yard sign production line in order to keep our prices down. However, recent unprecedented increases in raw materials due to limited resin availability, COVID impacts, as well as the weather effects on the refineries in Texas and Louisiana we are at a point where we have to increase our prices. Steel prices have gone up as well for the frames. We have worked to absorb as much as we can, but the raw material market has increased 24% since September, with 11% of that happening in just the last few months.

We appreciate your continued business and look forward to working with you on all of your future yard sign needs.

Please Note: PRICES CHANGE EVERY DAY due to world affairs. We cannot keep the prices current. CALL FOR CURRENT PRICING.

Width is the first dimension; height is the second dimension of the custom plastic yard signs.
Wire stands are included in the price of these plastic signs.
POLY-BAG 1,000 1,500 2,000 2,500 3,000 4,000 5,000
24" x 16"
one color $2.09 $1.78 $1.62 $1.49 $1.43 $1.36 $1.31
two colors $2.70 $2.23 $1.96 $1.75 $1.66 $1.53 $1.44
26" x 16"
one color $2.15 $1.84 $1.67 $1.53 $1.47 $1.40 $1.34
two colors $2.77 $2.31 $2.01 $1.80 $1.70 $1.59 $1.48
26" x 20"
one color $2.42 $2.03 $1.85 $1.69 $1.63 $1.55 $1.49
two colors $3.17 $2.60 $2.27 $2.02 $1.91 $1.76 $1.64
30" x 20"
one color $2.94 $2.53 $2.33 $2.17 $2.09 $2.00 $1.93
two colors $3.76 $3.14 $2.78 $2.52 $2.39 $2.23 $2.11
37.5" x 20"
one color $3.41 $2.93 $2.71 $2.53 $2.44 $2.34 $2.25
two colors $4.36 $3.64 $3.24 $2.94 $2.79 $2.60 $2.46

Other costs of custom plastic yard signs:

Artwork fee: $25 (due before artwork begins)
Shipping: Contact us for actual shipping costs on poly bag signs. We have the cheapest prices on plastic yard signs made from poly bags.

Sample Printing on Polybag Signs

Polybag sign, 2 colors.

Sample of Polybag Signs

2-color polybag signs
Polybag signs, 1 color.

Polybag Signs\

For another signage option, see our Cardboard Yard Signs – made with a water shedding polycoat finish. Excellent value for Political Campaigns.

Union Signs: Contact us for polybag jobs requiring union made signs with the union label. Turnaround time is generally two weeks or a bit longer for complicated orders. During campaign season, order early in plenty of time or your political campaign may be delayed.