Sidewalk Sign Frames

Sidewalk Sign Frames – 2 Sizes

This has been a challenging year and changes in the material markets have resulted in unprecedented rapidly rising costs. The cost of plastics, natural gas, oil, and steel have all increased from 50% to 150% over the few months.

Plastic resin pricing continues to rise due to material shortages resulting from the:

We understand that this is unwelcome news, and we look forward to removing the surcharge when raw material costs decrease and stabilize.

Plastic Sidewalk Sign Frames

Plastic Sidewalk Sign Frames allow you to change signs in seconds with no extra hardware. Once installed, signs stay securely locked in place. Won’t tear or scratch car set upholstery. Plastic is far more friendly than steel. High density polyethylene assures no rust, splinters, discoloration or maintenance.

Attractive, light weight, durable and inexpensive. Molded-in handle assures easy portability. Molded-in regress helps protect sign faces. Display two signs per unit. Molded-in ‘stacking lugs’ nest into each other when units are stacked which prevents sliding.

Portable Business Sidewalk Signs

New signs slide in quickly

Slides in easily, and…

New Signs stay securely in place

…stays securely in place!


Height: 31.7″, Width: 26″, Weight: 7.5 lbs.
Sign Blank Size: 18″ x 24″, Closed Thickness: 2″
U.S. Patent # 5,288,453
Other patents pending.

High visibility! Slip in a new blank and you’re ready to go!


Quantity Price each
2-4 $72.00
5-9 $60.21
10-24 $52.62
25+ $49.58
50+ $45.56
100+ $42.79
250+ $39.85

Sidewalk sign frames – Mininum order is 2

Note: Due to higher energy costs, there is a $10 drop off charge per shipment from the freight company in addition to the normal freight charges.

A Frame Sign

Sidewalk A-Frame Sign Holder
A Frame Sign slides in top – no tools required
A-Frame Sign Holder
Sign slides down – securely in place
A Frame Sign Stand

Change Signs in seconds

Blanks quickly slide in and out and stay securely in place. No bolts, latches, added parts or special treatment. Can use all Sign blanks including coroplast and aluminum.

Regressed sign face is 22″ by 28″, the most common dimension for all large retail signs


Molded-in stacking lugs nest into each other when units are stacked which prevents sliding. Molded-in regress helps protect sign faces Molded-in handle assures easy portability.

All plastic — no rust, splinters, discoloration or maintenance. Attractive, light weight, durable and inexpensive.

Quantity Price each
2-4 $68.13
5-9 $62.97
10-24 $60.29
25+ $56.17
50+ $53.67
100+ $50.22
250+ $48.21


Each A Frame displays two signs.

Height: 36″, Width: 24″, Weight: 8 lbs.
Uses Sign Blank Size 22″ x 28″, Closed Thickness: 2″
U.S. Patent # 5,288,453 Other patents pending.

Built-in Stabilizing Brace. Prevents accidental or intentional spreading of sign faces too far. Use is optional at the discretion of the Sign Owner. Can also be used for sandbagging. Just snap in to the molded-in receptacle for storage.

Sidewalk A-Frame with Message BoardSimpII
White Message Board Kits

Each kit contains 2 (22″ x 28″) coroplast boards with tracks affixed, complete 3″ number and letter set, and storage box with tabs. Sign frame must be purchased separately.

Message Board Kit
Quantity Price Set
2-4 $121.00
5-9 $117.00
10-24 CALL
25+ CALL
Call for replacement Letter Sets

Message Board – Minimum order is 2
Each set contains a pair of message boards, which will do one A Frame sign on both sides
The minimum order of 2 sets will have enough message boards for two A Frame signs.

Add Message Board to your portable sign

Allows you to show different messages daily. Alternate message boards with sigh blanks quickly and easily. Message boards come with tracks permanently attached and an indexed box for letter storage.

Large A-Frame

A straight forward, cost competitive sidewalk style A-frame that allows for unlimited potential — an impossibility for rival designs to match. Specifically designed to accept a wide range of substrates, this A-Frame is the most versatile A-frame entry into the market today. The deep dual channel end-cap design will accept 4 mm and 6 mm corrugated plastic, dry-erase board, PVC, and even plastic-cored aluminum sheet-stock.

The unique bungee-style center support and versatile design makes this unit extremely flexible and capable of capturing a wide range of sign-face sizes all the way from 18″ x 24″ to 36″ x 60″ and beyond. Similar in concept to our other products, they are durable, economical, weight-conscious and “green”. Our patent-pending adaptable end-cap design completely eliminates the need for fasteners. The integral cross-member at the base easily solves the ballast issue. Forget lugging around that heavy sand or water filled monster; simply use any convenient, readily available weight to discourage the inevitable unwelcome breeze.

Plastic A-Frame A-Frame with Sign

Price per Frame

Quantity 3 12 24 42 120
A-Frames Black only $39.18 $33.58 $31.98 $29.58 $27.98

Standard A1A-Frame

A reflection of its larger counterpart – the A-Frame, the A1A-Frame is a truly economical A-frame option for displaying the standard 18″ x 24″ or 24″ x 24″ sign. Our compact yet sturdy patent-pending design echoes the same basic features of the larger A-Frame and can accommodate even wider (up to 36″) substrates. The wide 6mm channels and simple bungee-cord elastic strap provides for an exceptionally easy setup. For maximum economy, print a typical corrugated plastic (or cardboard) substrate on one side and fold in half along the horizontal dimension, then secure the end caps on each end with the elastic cord — that’s it! Just like its big brother, the lower cross-member at the base allows the use of any conveniently available ballast weight.

Plastic A1A-Frame

Price per Frame

Black only
$19.25 $15.75 $13.13 $11.81 $10.50